Experience Man Camp

The ultimate weekend retreat to help you get away, get focused, and get real with yourself. 

Everybody needs a getaway every once in a while. Join us as we escape to the woods for three days of inspirational speakers and strategy sessions. You'll come back feeling refreshed, revived, and ready to make a change in your life. Just listen to some of our past campers below to hear how they benefited from Man Camp.  

We accept a limited number of participants for each quarterly session of Man Camp, and early applications are strongly recommended.

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Why do other men go to man camp?

"Albert invited me because I was stuck in a place where I didn't know where I wanted to go. I had some visions, some ideas, and he knew he could help me. I appreciate him recognizing that I was ready for a change." 

"He started talking about his dream of having a Man Camp, a retreat for men to get together and pull together, and then work on bettering their lives - a holistic approach. I was reluctant, I was hesitant, but I signed up and here we are. It's been a great experiences!"

what will i get from man camp?

"This weekend's journey has given me clarity and focus, and really helped me make some decisions that needed to be made, and commit to those decisions. I'm looking forward to what the future holds."

"I'm leaving here with a better focus on what I want to do, and a plan of how I want to do it. I also get the bonding of being here with a bunch of guys. I have a small group of people that I can go to who understand what we went through and if I get into a stumbling block.. I can go to them and maybe they can help me out - and I can do that for them. And that's a really good thing to have."

okay - but why should i go to man camp?

"Step through that fear, step through that trepidation and just do it. Part of the program is saying 'yes' more in our lives and not being so fearful of things we don't know. The bottom line is we're here for a short time - and there's no reason to suffer. I've been stuck and living small in ego and it hasn't worked. The troubles were everywhere. But I found that stepping through that fear and coming to purge and cleanse myself of all those old thoughts, old patterns, old behaviors.. it was eye opening.

There's trepidation, there's fear of committing to the unknown, but it's been a blast.. Just do it!"


a message from our camp director

Albert Pellissier is our fearless founder and charismatic camp counselor. He plans and leads Man Camp, tailoring each session to the needs of its carefully selected campers. 

Albert is the founder of Man Up!, a tribe of men over 40 seeking positive ways to explore and advance to the next life stage of fulfillment and contribution. Like most ambitious men, he spent several decades believing that empire building would lead to happiness, security, and comfort, only to find that, in the words of Tony Robbins, “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” 

Everywhere Albert went he met other men asking, “Is this all there is?” which inspired him to answer the call and lead them out of this tunnel and onto a vertical path, an optimized life of fun, fulfillment, growth, and contribution. 


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