How would you like to..

Be more resilient, more productive, and more fun to be around?

Be a better father and husband, and have a better sex life?

Play bigger and enjoy life more?

Define and achieve your own success at a deeper level than you ever thought possible? 

Then it's time to Man Up!

Reclaim your mind
take your life back
(ownership has it's privileges) 

Albert Pellissier


Do you find yourself asking
"Is this all there is?"

The answer is "hell no!"
Not if you're ready to own it!

Man Up is for men over 40 ready to take back their life power - now! Reclaim your mind, redefine success, play your own game, play bigger, find alignment and a deeper sense of fulfillment beyond achievement.

Screw living for retirement and the golden wheelchair as the ultimate goal in life. We might not make it - or end up too decrepit to enjoy it.

I’m not waiting, I want it now! How about you?

Book a 45 minute strategy session and I'll help you get there.

Man Up - Albert Pellissier

Meet Albert

I had it all - the house, the cars, the wife, the kids, my own business- I should have been gloriously happy, but I wasn’t. Life was a chore. I felt stuck with mortgages and school tuition and paying for the lifestyle my family had grown accustomed to. I saw no way out, and I certainly didn’t want to blow up what I’d already built. But I knew life should be more enjoyable than this. That there had to be a better way and I was determined to find it. 

My problem in a nutshell: for 20 years I’d slowly bartered away my potential for security and comfort. I appeared successful, but didn’t feel successful. That’s when I made the commitment to man up, reclaim my mind and reclaim my life from politics, TV, internet news, opinions of others, and definitions of "success" adopted over a lifetime that no longer served me. 

Within weeks of using my new process, life became clearer and happier - 1000x happier than before. My grouchiness disappeared and my enjoyment of life increased. I became a better husband, father, friend, and boss. My wife appreciated the new me (and you know what that means). Time with my kids became richer and more fun. My capacity to deal with the daily barrage of work issues rose exponentially, instantly increasing my productivity, creativity, and ability. I felt like Neo in The Matrix - completely resilient and effortlessly dodging the bullets that life threw at me.

All that and only one thing needed to change... me

Are you ready to Man Up? Reclaim your Mind, Your Life?

Are You Ready to Own It? 

Book a simple, straight-forward 45 minute phone strategy session with me and I'll help open your eyes to what your life could be, if you just make the change. 


Speaking Engagements

Whether you're planning a corporate conference, church retreat or board member luncheon, Albert's signature speech - Grow Up, Don't Blow Up - will challenge and inspire your audience to live more fully while making an impact.

Albert's speeches bring energy, humor, and clarity, ultimately giving your audience meaningful insights and actionable tips toward finding fulfillment.

Book Albert to speak at your next event!


Grow Up, Don't Blow Up!

Find fulfillment and fun after 4o
(and skip the mistress, maserati, and mandated child support)

This signature speech provides a light-hearted look at finding and living up to your potential for growth in midlife. Developed after personal experience on the "treadmill of achievement," this speech resonates with both men and women. 

Never waste a good crisis! It may just be the moment you've been waiting for.

Albert Pellissier

What People Are Saying

"Albert Pellissier changed my life. Before working with Albert, I was achieving unrivaled success in my professional life, but it all felt void of meaning. It turns out I was neglecting every part of me outside of my professional persona. It was unsustainable, and I was on the verge of burning out.

Albert helped me realize all of the wonderful, fulfilling aspects of life that I was missing out on and held me accountable to living as my authentic, ideal self. As a result, I am now thriving both personally and professionally. I cannot thank Albert enough. I feel like the wisdom and perspective that I gained from working with him has saved me years of 'learning the hard way' and regret.

My only wish is that I would have reached out to him sooner.

-Mathew Laborde, CCIM
President and CEO, Elfin Elite Financial Realty

"Prior to meeting with you I was very stressed out with work and my relationship with my wife. I felt as though I was just existing going through my daily routine in a programmed, repetitive state. I was trying to change things but I wasn't exactly certain how to.

I was missing life. It was passing me by.

But that's changed. I have become happy and thankful for my life. My wife. My son. My family. My work. My friends.

I will continue to be thankful for the direction life takes me and accept the uncertainty of the outcome. I believe timing is everything, and my time to change had come!

COO, security firm